Past Human Rights Violations

Indonesia has committed to resolve various past human rights violations by establishing a series of policies as a form of its accountability. Various regulations indicate that the settlement mechanism of past human rights violations can be implemented through two ways: Adhoc Human Rights Court and Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Up to the period of 2012, these two mechanisms have been carried out in the presence of National Human Rights Commission investigations in which two Adhoc Human Rights Courts were successfully established to prosecute gross human rights perpretators in Tanjung Priok (1984) and Timor Timur (1999). Meanwhile, the second mechanism as being called Truth and Reconciliation Commission had gained a legal basis under the Law No. 27 Year 2004 on Truth and Reconciliation Commission and was later revoked by the Constitutional Court.

ELSAM, jointly with other civil society networks, continuosly advocates to ensure the settlement of various past human rights violations. This activity is carried out by promoting the existence of policies to resolve past human rights violations, consolidating victims, and running public campaign.

Currently, ELSAM is affiliated with Coalition of Justice and Truth Revealing (KKPK), a civil society coalition that collectively promotes the revealing of truth and justice for various past human rights violations cases.

To find out more about the Past Human Rights Violations Settlement Program, please contact [email protected]

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Translated by Adila Alin Almanar

Pertemuan ELSAM-Wantimpres:
Memetakan Penyelesaian Pelanggaran HAM Berat Masa Lalu
Untuk mendukung komitmen pemerintah atas penyelesaian pelanggaran HAM masa lalu tersebut, ESLAM mengadakan audiensi dengan Dewan Pertimbangan Presiden (Wantimpres) pada Selasa (17/3) di kantor Wantimpres, Jakarta. Pertemuan ini diharapkan mampu mendorong ...

Regional Representative Council Provide Support for Dealing with Past Human Rights Violations
Based on ELSAM’s record, initiatives to settle past human rights violations actually have sufficient supports and social capital,it can be seen from consciousness to take steps for its settlement. Effort to deal with past human rights violations itself ...

Waiting for President Jokowi to Prove Commitment to Resolve Past Human Rights Violations
Two pathways in resolving past human rights violations (comprehensive reconciliation and Ad Hoc Human Rights Court) that mentioned by President Joko Widodo in his speech are actually not new mechanisms. Those mechanisms have been on the agenda of Indonesia’s ...

Building Commitment to Settle Past Human Rights Violations
During national workshop in Jakarta, Chairman of People’s Consultative Assembly (“MPR”) Zulkifli Hasan asserted MPR’s commitment to facilitate national dialogue with various parties, including People’s Representative Council (“DPR”) and Regional Representative ...

Hearing the Voices of Women Victims of the 1965/66 Abuses in East Nusa Tenggara
Representative from Regional Representative Council Level II in East Sumbawa acknowledged victims during event 1965 in their territory and supported reconciliation effort. Other discussion participants also responded positively to discuss the event 1965

1965 Survivors Met Students from Kebayoran Labschool
Transformation of the survivors’ experience to the young generation would be very important thing to do, so that the young people get a full understanding of history. Moreover, the transformation is also expected to be able to prevent the recurrence of ...

KKPK Luncurkan Laporan 40 Tahun Kekerasan
Koalisi Keadilan dan Pengungkapan Kebenaran (KKPK) meluncurkan laporan hasil proses Tahun Kebenaran tentang 40 tahun kekerasan dan rekomendasi penyelesaiannya pada 3-4 Oktober 2014 di Goethe Institute, Jakarta. Laporan yang berjudul “Menemukan Kembali ...

Nawacita4: Mata Jalan Para Penyintas Koalisi untuk Keadilan dan Pengungkapan Kebenaran (KKPK) bermaksud meluncurkan laporan hasil proses Tahun Kebenaran tentang 40 tahun kekerasan dan rekomendasi penyelesaiannya pada tanggal 3 dan 4 Oktober 2014, di GoetheHaus, Jakarta. Kegiatan ini juga ...

Pengesahan RUU Perubahan UU Perlindungan Saksi dan Korban menjadi UU Pada tanggal 24 September 2014, Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Republik Indonesia (DPR RI) mengesahkan RUU Perubahan UU No. 13 Tahun 2006 tentang Perlindungan Saksi dan Korban menjadi UU. RUU ini diajukan oleh Pemerintah untuk memperkuat pengaturan tentang ...
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